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We will only be updating this index page for now. For other information regarding the latest collections please visit the FB page, for reviews and other information. until a full update here (the rest of this site, not including this page)will be primarily for documenting of older works (pre2010).

* "Imagine Away " d41 out on Clinical Archives. At 40min its an LP. Expect; Indietronics and acoustic experimentalisms. Listen/Download

* "SWoD" dmyra collected some latin flavoured themes to make a solid EP, "Sophisticated Women of Danger". Some keywords to describe this EP are : marcado, reggaeton, instrumental, bolero, electro, and downtempo. Cover artworks by Hooded Fang. Listen or download from Bumfoot records

* "Starry cove " d-- :::::: This ep runs 21'12" . Its a group of ambient classical gitarish songs, lullabies really, for my daughter, Catriona. ::: ::: Get it Here ::: :::

* "The Key" dmyra's installment 39 in the dmyra catalog, released on the Ultra super Bling "No-Source" Records as NS020, curated by the magnanimous but taciturn Tim Dwyer. Expect non-denominational gospel, folk and Indie rock music. Strong rythmic formulas, and accesible lyrics, with deep undercurrents.

* "Anyday Calliope" d38 :::::: The original Lp version is out as CA401

* [the] "Suspension of Disbelief" d34i is out... CA407

* "No Plan Plan" d38ii :::::: on 442 records * this contains 2.0 mixes for all the material. dmyra felt these songs deserved to be set apart from the other songs on "anyday calliope", and have the mixes refined. Listen here

* "Anyday Calliope" d38ii (the ep version will be out next year with updated material and an extra song)

* "The Key " d39 :::::: set for release on No- Source records in the end of Noviembre.

* Cover art proffesionally commisioned for "Anyday Calliope" by the illustrious Carly" just rush over to see her tasty visuals ... well its gonna be nice

* ee gads there is a bunch of news, [the] "Suspension of Disbelief" d34i is so totally going to be released soon.

* head to the dmyra face book page to previw a track or two from these forthcoming epees.

* "No Plan Plan" d38ii :::::: Is being optioned out right now. possibly on the ultra hip442 records

* We have launched our new cutesy website, with a new logo as well. this pinwheel thing represents our commitment to being available to what the wind is blowing our way.

* Metafor contemplates making the leap into the world of netlabel-ism.
Athough at the moment time will not permit.

* Also we have almost finished tootlaey remixing/mastering Everywhere is Everywhere
Its so much more lush now, tho basically the same, with small changes.

Of course we also are listening to trax, and planning for other releases/compilations...... send links

::::: Clinical Archives CA369 ::::::
Out Now:
April 4th- "Everywhere is Everywhere " LP,
Unusual love songs, philosophical perambulation, lavish doses of goddess magic,
all this and more :::

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