the Rebeca

Get to Know "La Rebeca"

Rebeca is a simple woman from Costa RIca, a "tica" as they say here.
A good woman with strong values, a how you say "Pillar of Society"
Her music could be filed under: Pop Rock Latina, tho at times somewhat leftfield, with strains of electronica.

Although the music is sung in Spanish, we are providing English language translations.

I am the producer/husband/person that goads her into to the studio, to unleash her amazing being onto the musical tapestry. To such a stunning effect that i am totally hooked on her raw emotive manner.

Her debut release is out now on Clinical Archives. CHiLL with Rebe as she rolls cliches from bread to dough and back again in a startling and refreshing manner. Prepare for "La Maquina Olvidada" (the Forgotten Machine

Sept 14 2008


----Lyrics [English-translation]----

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